To Preserve for Future Generations

The Water Resources Division at the Board of Water Supply (BWS) conducts the planning and outreach needed to provide current and future customers with high quality service at reasonable costs, while protecting the long-term viability of Oahu's water resources and enhancing the environment.

waianae kai outplant dayRainfall is Oahu's primary water resource for streams and groundwater supply. Healthy watersheds sustain the quality and quantity of Oahu's streams and groundwater supplies and we must care, protect and preserve these areas for future generations. One of the ways the BWS is protecting these important areas is by entering into watershed partnerships that protect and enhance the watershed through resource management.

The BWS is working to maximize our precious water resources and ensure that Oahu's residents have the water resources they need through its Water Recycling Program. The BWS has acquired lands for the Kapolei brackish and Kalaeloa seawater desalination plants and has conducted pilot testing of ultra filtration and reverse osmosis membranes at both sites.