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FOR MORE INFO: Water Conservation Rebates | (808) 237-6877 | watersensible@honeywell.com

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) is working hard to preserve and protect our most essential resource – water. Through its Water Sensible program, Oahu residents and businesses will have the opportunity to save water and money. Currently, BWS residential customers may qualify for water conservation rebates on a qualified clothes washer, rain barrel, or weather-based irrigation controller purchase

weather-based irrigation controller rebate
Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC): Rebate Info Card | Rebate Application Form

residential clothes washer rebate
Clothes Washer: Rebate Info Card | Rebate Application Form

rain barrel rebate
Rain Barrel: Rebate Info Card | Rebate Application Form

For More Information
- Online: Water Conservation Rebates
- Phone: (808) 237-6877
- Email: watersensible@honeywell.com

Updated: 02/11/22