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General Rebate Program Questions

What is the Board of Water Supply (BWS) rebate program?

In April 2018, the Honolulu Board of Water Supply launches Water Sensible, a water conservation rebate program for its customers. Initially, the program has focused on residential customers. 

Residential Rebates

The BWS is encouraging their residential customers to expand on existing water conservation efforts by offering these rebates:

  • Up to $100 to purchase and install a qualifying weather-based irrigation controller (WBIC).
  • $75 to replace an existing regular clothes washer for a water-efficient model.
  • $40 to purchase and install a rain barrel at their home.

Commercial Rebates

The BWS is working to expand the Water Sensible program to provide incentives for Oahu businesses to conserve water. A food service water conservation program kicked off in February 2019.

How long do I have to submit my rebate application?

The rebate application must be turned in within 60 days of the date of purchase.

When will the rebates end?

Rebates for this program are available while funding lasts.

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the rebates?

Residential Rebates

Why is the BWS offering residential rebates?

The BWS hopes that these rebates may motivate customers to take the extra step so they can further reduce their home water use, take control of their household costs, and conserve our precious water resources.

Who can qualify for a residential rebate?

To qualify for the residential rebate, the applicant must be:

  • A residential account holder with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply, or
  • A tenant of a multi-family account holder (apartment, residential condominium, or townhome) of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

Customers that don't directly pay their water bill and don't have a Board of Water Supply account, may still qualify for the rebates. If the water bill is paid through a different entity (i.e. AOAO, Condo, Rental -9*Unit or military base) please contact them to identify the account number and include it in step 1 of the rebate application.

Where can I get products that qualify for the residential rebate?

Lists of retail outlets that sell eligible clothes washers, rain barrels, and weather-based irrigation controllers (WBIC) are available on the BWS's website at www.boardofwatersupply.com/rebates.

How do I get a residential rebate?

  • Purchase the qualifying item.
  • Submit the completed rebate form and supporting documentation in one of two ways:
    • Hard copy: Mail the completed form and the sales receipt to:
      Board of Water Supply Water Sensible Rebate Program
      P.O. Box 1440
      Honolulu HI 96806
    • Online: Email the completed form and a scanned copy of the sales receipt to: watersensible@honeywell.com

What types of clothes washer qualify for a residential rebate?

A clothes washer MUST be an ENERGY STAR® model to qualify for the rebate. Be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR® on the machine and/or paperwork before sending in your rebate application. An ENERGY STAR® clothes washer uses around 30% less water than a standard model.

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How do I know if my purchase qualifies for a residential rebate?

The rebate program started as of April 30, 2018. Rebates are available for swapping out an existing regular clothes washer for a water-efficient model or for the purchase and installation of a residential rain barrel. As long as your purchase was made between May 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019, and your rebate application is postmarked within 60 days of the purchase, you may qualify for a rebate.

What if I already bought a new efficient clothes washer earlier this year?

Your purchase of a new efficient clothes washer would be considered eligible if it was between May 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019, and your rebate application would be postmarked within 60 days of the purchase date.

Do I have to have my old clothes washer hauled away?

The BWS rebate program does not include a haul away component for eligibility on the washer rebate.

What is a weather-based irrigation controller (WBIC)?

A weather-based irrigation controller (WBIC) uses current weather data to adjust and control the timing and duration of the irrigation system’s operation, whereas a standard irrigation controller is schedule based.  During cool, wet or windy weather, a weather-based irrigation controller reduces irrigation frequency and duration; during warm or dry weather, it increases the frequency and duration.

How does a weather-based irrigation controller work?

A weather-based irrigation controller uses local evapotranspiration (ET) real-time data to determine irrigation schedules. Simply put, ET is the water that evaporates from the ground surface and transpires from plant leaves. Factors such as wind, humidity, temperature, and sunlight affect ET numbers and plant irrigation needs. Using ET data, the weather-based irrigation controller will lengthen or shorten irrigation time as needed.  

How much water can a weather-based irrigation controller save me?

Weather-based irrigation controllers can save up to 7,600 gallons of water per year.

Can I install a weather-based irrigation controller myself or do I need a licensed professional to install it to qualify for the rebate?

Qualifying for the rebate is not dependent on having a licensed professional install the product. You can do the installation yourself by reading and completely following the manufacturer’s instructions. It is critical to correctly program the controller to achieve water savings. To get the best possible benefits from your weather based irrigation controller, installation by a licensed professional is recommended but not required.

What is the amount of the weather-based irrigation controller rebate?

The rebate for the purchase of an EPA WaterSense® labeled weather based irrigation controller is 50% of the cost of the controller, up to $100. 

Can I apply more than once for the weather-based irrigation controller (WBIC) rebate?

Customers are limited to one WBIC rebate per BWS account.

How do I know my weather-based irrigation controller purchase qualifies for the rebate?

To qualify for the Board of Water Supply’s rebate, the weather based irrigation controller and/or compatible accessories must be EPA WaterSense® labeled. Irrigation controllers that are not EPA WaterSense® labeled do not qualify for the BWS rebate.

Updated: 07/16/2020