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waihee tunnel tour

Awaken your senses with a walk inside the 1,500-foot dike tunnel that provides water to Windward Oʻahu, from Kahaluʻu to Kailua. Tour includes introductions to the Oʻahu water cycle, the importance of watershed areas, and the facility's history. This free 2-hour group tour is available by appointment only. Note: Grade 7 through adults only.

Applicable DOE Standards

  • SC.ENV.5.6: Explain why recycling and conservation of resources are important
  • SC.3.8.2: Describe how the water cycle is related to weather and climate
"I appreciate the opportunity provided to me, my students, and their parents to visit and take a tour of Waiheʻe Tunnel and Watershed. It's an invaluable experience for all and I'm sure the memory of this experience will last a lifetime. Mahalo nui loa."
"I would recommend this field trip to everyone. I really enjoyed my time... I will never forget!"

For More Information

Please review the additional tour information before submitting a request for a tour or speaker to tours@hbws.org.

Updated: 1/8/24