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Thank you for your interest in a group tour with the Board of Water Supply. Prior to submitting a tour request, please review the following information, which may affect your planning. We will have an online reservation system available soon. Until it is available, please email requests to tours@hbws.org.

Group tour reservation requests require a minimum of three (3) weeks in advance. It is recommended that you request your tour at least three (3) months in advance. Tour appointments may be made up to one year in advance.

January 2024 Update: Our calendar is full through about April 2024. Please submit at least three (3) possible dates for us to choose from. Tours normally start at 9 AM, Thursdays and Fridays. We do not accept reservations for individuals.

Minimum and Maximum Number of Participants

  • All group tours require a minimum of ten (10) persons.
  • The group maximum is twenty (20) persons and also depends on BWS staff availability.

Adult Chaperone/Student Ratio

  • All youth groups (age 17 and below) require responsible adult/parent supervision. We require at least one (1) adult per ten (10) youth.

Dress Code

  • Casual attire: T-shirts and long pants are recommended.
  • Outdoor tours: Rain jacket/poncho, sunscreen, hat, and insect repellent are highly recommended.
  • Covered footwear (i.e. shoes or sneakers) required for all tours. No high heels or bare feet allowed. Covered footwear exception as follows:
    • Waiheʻe Tunnel (tunnel portion only) - any kind of footwear is acceptable - rubber boots/slippers, old shoes, "crocs"-type, fishing tabi or reef walkers, etc. Absolutely no bare feet.
  • Honouliuli Water Recycling Facility: This is an industrial site. Shirts with sleeves, long pants, and covered shoes are required. The BWS will provide the required safety glasses and hard hats.

Security Requirements

  • All groups must provide a complete name list of all tour participants.
    • Each adult (age 18+) accompanying the group must submit full name and home address (No P.O. boxes) as a condition of tour entry. *
    • Group name list must be received a minimum of one week prior to tour date by the BWS Communications Office. Add-ons are not allowed within the one-week period prior to tour date.
    • On tour day, all tour participants must fulfill the following requirements. Any/all person(s) not able to fulfill the applicable requirement will be denied entry and/or tour.
      • ALL adult tour members are required to sign the Liability Waiver Forms.
      • Any adult unable to provide a valid photo ID will be denied entry and/or tour.
      • ALL youth participants 17 years and younger are required to have a Consent of Participation form signed by their parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult.
  • No large bags, such as backpacks or camera bags are allowed inside of BWS facilities. Any/all bags that must be carried while on tour are subject to inspection.
  • Taking photos and recording videos requires permission from BWS staff.

Other Restrictions

Other restrictions may be imposed by the BWS in the interest of public safety, which may include cancellation of tours without notification and/or re-booking. The BWS reserves the right to refuse entry and/or tour to any persons who demonstrate reckless or irresponsible behavior; and/or any individual where health and safety concerns may be jeopardized and/or questioned for themselves and/or others.

* Information provided for BWS records only. Sensitive information will be kept confidential and not made part of the BWS' public records. HRS Sections 92F-13(1).

Updated: 1/8/24