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These Rules and Regulations have been adopted pursuant to the authority expressed in Section 7-105(j) of the Revised Charter of the City and County of Honolulu; and, in accordance with procedures established and prescribed in Hawaii Revised Statutes, Chapter 91.

These Rules and Regulations represent a compilation, recodification and general amendment to those previously existing rules and regulations governing the Board of Water Supply.

(Reprinted 2010 with amendments)

Table of Contents


Chapter I: Water and Water System Requirements for Developments

Sec. 1-101: Availability of Water
Sec. 1-102: Water System Facilities Charges
Sec. 1-103: Increase in Size of Water Mains
Sec. 1-104: Sizes of Mains, Hydrant Spacing, Fire Protection
Sec. 1-105: Laterals, Dead-Ends, Alterations to Public Water System Contours
Sec. 1-106: Construction Plans
Sec. 1-107: Materials and Construction Standards, Installation of Water Service, Inspection of Work
Sec. 1-108: Ownership of Installed Water System
Sec. 1-109: Modification of Requirements
Sec. 1-110: Construction Agreement and Bond
Sec. 1-111: Repair and Replacement of Improvements
Sec. 1-112: Use of Nonpotable Water Required for Large Landscaped Areas
Sec. 1-113: Review of Construction Plans and Building Permit Application

Chapter II: Water Service to Consumers

Sec. 2-201: Application for Water Service
Sec. 2-202: Installation of Water Service
Sec. 2-203: Meter Reading and Rendering of Bills
Sec. 2-204: Payment of Bills
Sec. 2-205: Discontinuation of Water Service
Sec. 2-206: Restoration of Water Service
Sec. 2-207: Nonregistering Meters
Sec. 2-208: Meter Tests and Adjustment of Bills
Sec. 2-209: Conservation Measures and Interruption of Water Supply
Sec. 2-210: Pressure Conditions
Sec. 2-211: Damage to Department's Property
Sec. 2-212: Ingress To and Egress From Consumer's Premises
Sec. 2-213: Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention
Sec. 2-214: Fire Service
Sec. 2-215: Fire Hydrants
Sec. 2-216: Resale of Water
Sec. 2-217: Elevation Agreement

Chapter III: Protection, Development and Conservation of Water Resources

Sec. 3-301: Waste Disposal Facilities
Sec. 3-302: Surface Waters
Sec. 3-303: Use of Pesticides
Sec. 3-304: Protection of Water Resources
Sec. 3-305: Application for Drilling, Modifying, Recasing, or Reusing Wells
Sec. 3-306: Permit for Drilling, Modifying, Recasing, or Reusing Wells
Sec. 3-307: Suspension of Permit and Correction of Defects
Sec. 3-308: Well Casing
Sec. 3-309: Other Requirements for Wells
Sec. 3-310: Log of Well, Length of Casing and Depth of Well
Sec. 3-311: Qualifications of Well Drillers
Sec. 3-312: Inspection of Work
Sec. 3-313: Utilization of Well Water
Sec. 3-314: Data Relating to Wells
Sec. 3-315: Test Borings
Sec. 3-316: Abandonment and Sealing
Sec. 3-317: Access to Wells and Appurtenances
Sec. 3-318: Low Groundwater Level Conditions
Sec. 3-319: Mandatory Restrictions Related to Alert Low Groundwater Condition
Sec. 3-320: Mandatory Restrictions Related to Critical Low Groundwater Condition
Sec. 3-321: Penalties
Sec. 3-322: Procedures for Control of Water Use During Low Groundwater Level Condition
Sec. 3-323: Exemption of Private Wells Within Designated Groundwater Control Areas
Sec. 3-324: Use of Recycled Water

Chapter IV: Rules Governing Parking at the Board of Water Supply

Sec. 4-401: Off-Street Parking Areas
Sec. 4-402: Parking Authorization
Sec. 4-403: Parking Hours
Sec. 4-404: Removal of Unauthorized Vehicles
Sec. 4-405: Authorization to Initiate Parking Fees
Sec. 4-406: Authorization to Establish Other Parking Areas

Chapter V: General Provisions

Sec. 5-501: Penalty
Sec. 5-502: Appeals
Sec. 5-503: Repeal of Rules
Sec. 5-504: Severability
Sec. 5-505: Rules Inoperative, When

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