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Our Values

Every day, a core set of values guide the Board of Water Supply (BWS) in how we work together to accomplish our mission. The values reflect and reinforce our culture in the delivery of water service to our customers.

  • Personal Responsibility: We are water professionals who earn and uphold the community's trust every day through our actions and in doing our jobs right.
  • Team Responsibility: We depend upon and support each other and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Organizational Responsibility: We provide a healthy and safe work environment through cooperation, participation, and shared decision-making.
  • Societal Responsibility: We providee quality service to our customer with the highest level of courtesy and efficiency.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We uphold the Public Trust* as thoughtful stewards of Oahu's water resources and the environment.

* Principle embedded in Hawaii Law that recognizes that water is held in trust by the State of Hawaii for present and future generations.

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Permanent, Civil Service Employment

Recruitment for permanent, civil service City positions with the Board of Water Supply (BWS) are posted online by the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Current BWS job openings include:

City Department of Human Resources

For those who do not have access to their own personal computer, visit the DHR at:

Fasi Municipal Building
650 South King Street, 10th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96814
Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m., Monday - Friday, except holidays

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Temporary, Non-Civil Service Employment

To be considered for temporary, non-civil service employment, submit your resume electronically to bwshr@hbws.org. Please include the job title in the subject and/or body of your email to indicate the type of position(s) that you are seeking.

Accountant (Business Loan Coordinator)

Plans and coordinates the State Revolving Fund (SRF) program, infrastructure loans, other loans and grants. Coordinates preparation and submission of the SRF Intended Use Plan (IUP) with Capital Projects (CP), Executive Support Office (ESO), and other divisions. Maintains a working knowledge of loan and grant programs. Reviews and monitors performance of loan and grant agreements to determine requirements and insure compliance. Works closely with the Investment and Debt Management section to prepare cash flow projections, including analysis of anticipated vendor payments and loan proceeds, compute SRF reserves, net revenue requirements, maximum annual debt service schedules, projection of those schedules for the upcoming year, and pro-forma schedules as needed. 

Accountant II (Payroll)

The position is located at the Finance Division. This position applies financial and governmental accounting principles and practices performing professional accounting work in the Payroll and Accounts Payable units. Reviews payment vouchers, updates payments to the Payment Regiser and posts accounts payable vouchers and disbursements to the General ledger. Reviews and approves for issurance of checks for travel payment requests. As a supervisor, supervises the Payroll Unit staff and work and personally participates in the daily work. Preparation and computer processing of payroll includes but not limited to regular, overtime, premium pay, workers compensation and accumulated vacation leave lump sum payments. Reviews and participates in the caluculation of payroll pay admustments resulting from promotions, reallocations, suspensions, terminations and leave inadequacies. Provides advises to the divisions’ timekeepers and employees on correct time enties. Reviews and enters garnishments, liens, levies and other mandatory withholdings from employees’ wages. Process payroll reconsiliation, and performs various related duties.

Assistant Database Systems Analyst

This position serves as the assistant to the systems and database administrator for the Department’s GIS system. Responsibilities include responding to database and script alerts; performing troubleshooting to diagnose and resolve problems; writing documentation such as procedural documentation (i.e. How To’s), problem and resolution incident reports; granting access permission and privileges to databases, tables, views; designing and implementing database tables, views in accordance to end user’s needs; liaising with IT Operations staff, TEP project managers, GIS consultants and other IT staff; and assisting the TEP Database Administrator in annual DR (Disaster Recovery) drills (including database backup and restore scenarios); in annual professional services contract procurement for GIS database application and database development and update; during SQL Server migration to SQL Server 2016; in database schema changes and GIS layer development; and in the design, development, implementation and management of SQL database jobs, SQL Data Transformation Services Packages.

Civil Engineer - NEW!

The duties and responsibilities required for the position: prepares specifications and contracts for Field Operation Division (Division) activities, such as new material purchases; testing materials; erosion control; for repair of pipelines, tunnels and access roads; and for the maintenance of landscaped grounds and watershed areas; project manager for the CIP project to replace water meter transponders; prepare Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP) for trenching and repaving work required for trenching permits.  Perform work as the Division’s ESPC coordinator; investigates and performs engineering evaluations for pipe failures.  Plans and supervises the collection of statistical data; identifies specific Division issues by coordinating and reviewing plans and specifications prepared by others to assure conformance with the Water System Standards (WSS); review technical reports and literature received by the Division and makes recommendations for its use; prepares report of investigations/studies, including the preparation of technical sketches, charts, and graphs; reviews and provide recommendations for materials submitted for inclusion into the WSS; follows up and if necessary, address complaints and trouble calls; assist in managing the Division’s repaving program; operates a motor vehicle as needed; and performs other related work as assigned.

Cross-Connection Control Technician

The position is located at the Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Section.  Under close supervision, the position assists with the department’s cross-connection control and backflow prevention program to ensure compliance with federal requirements and the policy of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

Customer Service Representative I

The position services water customers and the general public through face-to-face and telephone contacts by performing appropriate account actions, providing information, explaining the policies of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply regarding delinquent accounts and resolving problems. Work includes delivery of notices, establishing payment arrangements, and shut-off water; tracking account status and preparing collection letters and envelops, inputting data to the computer system accurately; handling outstanding credits and debit balances; and maintaining and filing records. The position additionally requires the ability to maintain good relations with all types of individuals; maintain composure while dealing with antagonistic and irate customers; interprets and answers a variety of questions dealing with the Board of Water Supply, its organization, operations, policies, rates, rules and regulations; and to consistently and accurately maintain customer service and customer account records. A valid driver's license is required.


Responsible for building electrical systems, equipment and appurtenant fixtures for all BWS corporation/base yards and pumping facilities. Conducts regular visual inspections and operational tests; installs, maintains, and repairs the building electrical components.

Engineering Support Technician - NEW!

Position assists in the procurement, administration and various related work for Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts for asphaltic concrete paving inspections and construction related work. Provides assistance with various work which include: preparing and executing IDIQ work orders, drafting asphalt paving repairs sketches based on field conditions and information provided by BWS Field Operations personnel; completing work order forms and logs, and tracking completion of work orders; inspecting contractor’s construction activities, verifying quantities in preparation for progress or final billing for payment to contractor; reviewing and processing contractor change orders and invoices, and preparing cost estimates related to changes to contract packages; assisting in the management of all activities and procedures for coordination and interfaces with other agencies, addressing all public complaints, inquiries and requests related to contract issues and status to BWS field Operations contact; preparing and executing future contract documents for IDIQ repaving contracts; preparing estimates related to changes to contract packages and update of budgetary cost estimates; updating BWS Field Operations procedures and practices for all items of work required to properly issue and manage the division’s IDIQ contract for asphaltic concrete paving construction programs. Monitors Street Usage Permits and insures work takes place prior to the expiration of the permit.

Environmental Management Specialist

Plans, determines and enforces the department’s water system compliance with all applicable federal and state environmental laws, rules and regulations. Investigates, determines and prepares plans and strategies to mitigate chemical, biological, and other hazards that pose  potential impacts to the department’s drinking water sources. Gathers and analyzes the necessary scientific data to identify the actions needed to mitigate the threat. Prepares environmental permit applications and monitors and enforces the department’s compliance with the permit provisions and requirements.

IT Systems Trainee

There are two vacancies with the Database Management Section. Under the direct supervision, the position assists with following functions: Implementation of databases that are efficient, fault tolerant, cost effective, and easy to maintain and support; implementation, maintenance, and support of database security to protect unauthorized access, and database backup and recovery to maximize system availability; troubleshooting and resolution of database problems, and escalate as necessary; implementation of application systems; development of user stored procedures and functions, and implementation of job scheduling. Performs routine monitoring of the enterprise database, and routine maintenance of database and updates as required.

Laboratory Water Quality Assurance Specialist

Plans, coordinates, implements, monitors and administers a comprehensive drinking water laboratory quality assurance program.

Meter Reader I

Collects accurate and timely water consumption data from the Board of Water Supply customers on an assigned route through the use of a vehicle-based Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, a hand-held reader, or by visual readings. Returns to site of unread meters to locate meters and obtain meter readings visually or by a hand-held device. Downloads daily route information to the vehicle-based AMR system computer. Performs clerical work including data entry and short report writing using personal computer as assigned.

Office Clerk (Senior Clerk Typist)

This Office Clerk (Senior Clerk Typist) position will be based at the Board of Water Supply Kalihi Corporation Yard. With hours from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., the Office Clerk (Senior Clerk Typist) assists with a variety of office work using typical office software (Word, Excel, Adobe, etc.), calculator, typewriter, copy machine, and digital scanner, etc.

Phone Center Representative

The position is located at the Customer Care Division. Duties include: answering phone calls from customers, routes calls and/or takes messages as an operator; processes credit card payment of the water bills; manually accepts customers’ requests to start and/or stop water services; and provides various clerical work support for all areas of the Customer Care Division.

Updated: 9/13/17

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