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At the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS), each employee is essential to the life of the department and the community we serve. The professions that sustain us are as diverse as our employees, and offer exciting and rewarding challenges for your career now and into the future. 

Capital Projects Division

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Plan It. Design It. Build It.

We plan, design, and oversee the construction of all improvements to our municipal water system. We are in the thick of things—designing, working with contractors, and managing the projects to their end.

Artwork Credit:
Running water drop - Ka‘onohi Lopes, Grade 6. Honorable Mention, 2015 calendar. Na‘au, Mr. Melvin E. Spencer III.

Communications Office

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Speaking of Water.

Keeping everyone informed is what we do. Our specialists play an essential role in educating residents about our water system, conservation and water-saving techniques, and the role each of us have in preserving and protecting our water resources.

Artwork Credit:
Love of Water - Kristen Simon, grade 6. Third place winner, 2003-2004 calendar. Kalakaua Middle School, Ms. Karen Miura.

Customer Care Division

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Water with a Smile.

We help customers with everything they'll need for world-class water service. We strive to provide superior service from starting a new account, investigating a high water bill or service issue, and addressing other needs.

Artwork Credit:
Girl with water glass - Jade Tamashiro, grade 6. Second place winner, 2016 calendar. Kapolei Middle School, Mr. Daryle Mishina.

Field Operations Division

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We Deliver.

We maintain all of the waterworks facilities, valves, and fire hydrants on Oahu's municipal water system. We're committed to keeping our intricate water systems in good condition to ensure our customers have water service.

Artwork Credit:
Showering hippo - Zoe Ueatari, 2015 calendar Zoe Ueatari, grade 4. Na‘au, Mr. Melvin Spencer III.

Finance Division

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Financing H2O.

BWS is a City department that generates its own operating revenue. We are charged with providing timely and accurate fiscal information so that our business leaders can make the best business decisions possible.

Artwork Credit:
Water drop piggy bank - Selena Nguyen, grade 6. Stevenson Middle School. Ms. Kathleen Mitsuda.

Human Resources Office

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Caring for the People Side of Water.

Our office ensures we have the employees to keep the water flowing by recruiting the right people, and making sure they have the benefits, training, and career development to create a life career in water delivery.

Artwork Credit:
Girl with puzzle water drop - Annie Lien, grade 6. Second place winner, 2009 calendar. Stevenson Middle School, Ms. Kathleen Mitsuda.

Information Technology Division

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Innovating Water Technology.

We take pride in our innovative systems – including our state-of-the-art centralized water system control and monitoring systems, call center and security systems, and our mobile field computing, GIS mapping and spatial analysis systems.

Artwork Credit:
Lightbulb - Nalani “Elilai” Petko, grade 2. Honorable Mention, 2014 calendar. Manoa Elementary School, Mrs. Wendie Kim.

Water Quality Division

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There is No Substitute for Pure Water.

With a myriad of environmental regulations to comply with in order to bring pure water to our communities, our chemists, microbiologists, and lab technicians work hard to ensure that Oahu's drinking water is the best in the world.

Artwork Credit:
Boy with water glass - Kekoa Oishi, grade 6. First place, 2013 calendar. Kapolei Middle School, Mr. Daryle Mishina.

Water Resources Division

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Water for Life.

Our engineers take "Water for Life" to heart by implementing environmentally sound strategies – conservation, potable groundwater replenishment, and recycled water programs – to ensure we have adequate water now and in the future.

Artwork Credit:
Water cycle - Seri Nakamura, grade 5. Second place, 2013 calendar. Pearl Ridge Elementary School, Ms. Liane Tanigawa.

Water System Operations Division

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We Thrive on Pressure.

BWS engineers, technicians and mechanics maintain a 24-hour watch over the water system, from pumping and treatment plants to telemetry and communications system, to ensure its security and proper pumping of water for the island.

Artwork Credit:
Dancing water drops - Jessica Roberts, grade 2. Honorable Mention, 2016 calendar. Na'au, Mr. Melvin Spencer III.


The City and County of Honolulu is an Equal Opportunity Employer