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Tuesday, March 01, 2022 | Issue 02

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Did You Know?

historical - sugar irrigation
Sugar irrigation

Restoring Aquifer Levels

The Board of Water Supply was formed in 1929 to reverse the effects of wasteful water use and droughts. Effective water management restored aquifer levels and prevented water shortages. That commitment continues today and shows what’s possible when we prioritize water source protection.

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Water: A Public Trust Resource

To gain a thorough understanding and appreciation of how water in Hawai‘i, it’s important to look at history, culture, and law.

In ancient Hawai‘i, water was viewed as life. Everyone treated water as a treasured resource.

Water stewardship was the preeminent law of the land. The kanawai — laws of water — eventually became the law of the land. For example, people could draw water from only the upper parts of the stream, while bathing was to be done only downstream. Harming the water source resulted in severe punishment.

In Hawai‘i, groundwater is a public trust resource. This means water is not owned by any individual or organization; we are all legal beneficiaries of this public trust resource.

Since we are all beneficiaries of Hawai‘i’s water, we also have a responsibility to care for our water supply sources. All of the drinking water on O‘ahu comes from underground sources such as aquifers. We must all to do our part to protect it to ensure there is safe drinking water for all who call Hawai‘i their home.

ernie lau hi now segment

WaterWisdom Wednesday

Every Wednesday morning on Sunrise (KGMB and K5), you can learn more about what the Board of Water Supply is doing to protect Oahu’s water supply and what you can do to conserve water. Ernie Lau, Manager and Chief Engineer of the Board of Water Supply, recently shared his insights in an interview with HI Now host Kainoa Carslon. To view this segment, click on https://www.hinowdaily.com/2022/02/23/board-water-supply-stresses-importance-water-conservation-hawaii/.

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waterwisdom resident flyer

Water Conservation Tips for All!

The Red Hill water contamination incident has increased the community’s awareness about the value of clean, potable water and the need to be more prudent about conserving this precious resource.

Large condominiums, apartments, and townhouse complexes have one of the greatest opportunities to contribute to our island’s water conservation efforts. Many resident managers and property managers may want to conserve water and reduce their water bills, but individual residents and tenants may not see how high water bills affect them. Their water usage may be included in their maintenance fee, homeowners association fee, or their rent.

The BWS has launched a new program called WaterWisdom to fill this need by offering practical tips for property managers, resident managers and residents. To download free posters and learn more, visit https://www.boardofwatersupply.com/waterwisdom or contact the BWS at (808) 748-5041 or email contactus@hbws.org.

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Posted: 03/01/2022