Update to Honolulu Board of Water Supply (BWS) Energy Savings Performance Contracting Project (58 Sites on Oahu) Section 106 Request for Comments

APRIL 2017 – As required by Section 106 of the Federal Historic Preservation Act, the BWS consulted with Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHOs) listed in the Department of Interior NHO Notification List and other members of the public. Project information and request for historic preservation comments were sent to NHO's in April and June 2016. No comments or concerns were received.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Federal Agency responsible for this undertaking, delegated the Section 106 compliance responsibility to the State Department of Health (DOH). The OOH initiated consultation with the State Historic Preservation Division {SHPD) in June 2016 and authorized the BWS to continue the consultation process with SHPO in August 2016.

To address the historic preservation of historic architectural properties, the BWS, through their subcontractor Mason Architects, Inc., submitted to SHPD in August 2016, a survey report on the 58 work sites with a determination of no adverse effects. In October 2016, SHPD approved the survey report.

To address the historic preservation of historic archaeological properties, the BWS, through their subcontractor Pacific Consulting Services, Inc., submitted a draft Archaeological Assessment and Literature Review to SHPD in September 2016. In October 2016, SHPD requested that an Archaeological Inventory Survey (AIS) be conducted in the Area of Potential Effect (APE) for the BWS facilities on Beretania Street because of the potential for finding human burials in the APE. An AIS Work Plan was approved by SHPD and the archaeological survey was started on November 1, 2016. On November 7, 2016, during fieldwork, native Hawaiian iwi (ancestral skeletal remains) corresponding to one individual were found at the BWS parking lot just mauka of the main office building. The BWS immediately stopped survey work and contacted SHPD. Following SHPD's directions, the burial site was protected with temporary, secure coverings. The BWS is continuing to consult with SHPD, the O'ahu Island Burial Council, Office of Hawaiian Affairs, descendant families and other interested parties following Chapter 13-275 Hawaii Administrative Rules, implementing HRS Chapter GE to resolve the burial find.

Three historic properties at the BWS Beretania Street site were identified during the AIS consisting of 63 features, including 44 above-ground features and 19 subsurface features identified within 21 test excavations. The three historic properties reflect three separate land uses spanning three time periods, two of which overlap. The three sites were assigned SIHP (Statewide Inventory Survey of Historic Places) site numbers, and include the following:

  • Site 50-80-14-08038: Consists of one native Hawaiian burial associated with the late-pre­-Contact Period, found within a subsurface pit feature.
  • Site 50-80-14-08039: A total of 18 historic subsurface features (Features 1-18) that are associated with residential use include possible pits, post molds, a concentration of rusted metal, and a cobble concentration. Residential use dates from the late 1800s to circa 1958.
  • Site 50-80-14-08040: Three historic BWS buildings (Fe37 -Engineering Building, Fe38 - Public Service Building and Fe39 -Beretania Pump Station) and 47 historic features that include retaining walls, the parking lots, and landscape features associated with development of the parcel by the BWS. BWS use dates from the late 1800s to the present.

Additional findings include a total of 712 artifacts, 36.4 g of invertebrate fauna I remains, and 676 pieces of vertebrate fauna I remains associated with Site 08039. The artifact assemblage includes 269 glass artifacts, 129 ceramic artifacts, 149 metal artifacts, 30 miscellaneous artifacts (primarily shell, bone and, celluloid), and 135 pieces of butchered mammal bone.

The BWS submitted the draft AIS report to SHPD in January 2017 and it is currently under review. Archaeological monitoring guided by a SHPD-approved Archaeological Monitoring Plan (AMP) and preparation of a Burial Treatment Plan (BTP) are being recommended before BWS work begins in the Beretania APE.

If you are interested in reviewing the draft AIS, see the PDF link below or request a hard copy by emailing Mr. Marc Chun at mchun@hbws.org.