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One Water Forum | October 21, 2021 | Imagine A Day Without Water

The“One Water" Forum was a live and interactive broadcast with state and city directors discussing the importance of water and the need to invest in water infrastructure. It was a part of the October 21, 2021, second annual statewide Imagine A Day Without Water celebration.
  • Participants
    • Ernest Lau - Manager & Chief Engineer (Board of Water Supply)
    • Wesley T. Yokoyama - Director & Chief Engineer  (City's Department of Environmental Services)
    • Roger Babcock - Director & Chief Engineer (City's Department of Facility Maintenance)
    • Suzanne Case - Chairperson (State Department of Land and Natural Resources)
    • Christin Reynolds - Moderator (Director at One World One Water) 

Mahalo to All of the One Water Contest Winners!

The BWS thanks everyone who participated in our  "One Water Contest."

Winners won prizes from the following agencies by correctly answering the water-related question of the hour:

  • Honolulu Board of  Water Supply​
  • Dept. of Environmental Services  
  • Dept. of Facility Maintenance
  • Honolulu Office of Climate Change, Sustainability and Resiliency 
  • DLNR's Commission on Water Resource Management 
  • DLNR's Department of Forestry and Wildlife 
  • UH College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources

Click here to view contest rules for the "One Water Contest."

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi & Hawaii Governor David Ige declare Oct. 21, 2021, "Imagine A Day Without Water Day." 

city proclamation imagine a day without water

governor david ige imagine a day without water proclamation


Agency Director Videos

  • Wesley Yokoyama, Department of Environmental Services

    Wesley Yokoyama is the Director and Chief Engineer of the Department of Environmental Services.

  • Ernest Lau, Honolulu Board of Water Supply

    Ernest Lau is the Manager & Chief Engineer of the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

  • Roger Babcock & Dawn Szewczyk, Department of Facility Maintenance

    Roger Babcock is the Director & Chief Engineer at the Department of Facility Maintenance & Donna Szewczyk is the Deputy Director. .

  • Kawika Uyehara, Department of Water Supply, County of Hawaii

    Kawika Uyehara is the Deputy Director at the Department of Water Supply on the Big Island.

  • Matt Gonser, City's Resilience Office

    Matt Gonser, Officer and Executive Director at the Resilience Office talks about what his day would be like without water


  • Effective Ways for Farmers to Conserve Water

    Cindy Goldstein from AgMatters, LLC talks about effective ways for farmers to conserve water.

  • Stuart Colman from Wastewater Alternatives & Innovations

    Stuart talk talks about the importance of water - a vital resource for survival.

  • A Day Without Water at Mari’s Nursery

    Brendon Lau from Mari's Nursery talks about a day when the nursery lost water.

City & County of Honolulu Participating Agencies

  • City and County of Honolulu
  • Department of Environmental Services
  • DFM logo
  • Resilient Office

State of Hawaii and Neighbor Island Participating Agencies

  • State of Hawaii
  • DLNR - Division of Forestry and Wildlife
  • DLNR- Commission on Water Resources Management
  • UH College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
  • Kauai Water Department
  • Maui Department of Water
  • Hawaii Department of Water

Updated: 10/28/2021