detect a leak week sign

Stewardship of our natural resources is not just a practice of ancient times; water management continues today, in many forms, and with many individuals and organizations island-wide making contributions. Conserving water at all levels -- in individual households, businesses, and in government agencies -- is vital if we are going to maintain water as a sustainable resource.

For more than twenty years, the Board of Water Supply (BWS) has observed "Detect-a-Leak Week." This public outreach program seeks to raise public awareness of and emphasize regular leak inspection and repair as an important part of our overall efforts to preserve and protect our island's precious water supply. Additionally, the week-long event focuses on encouraging water users to check plumbing fixtures for leaks and seepage and to fix them quickly to save on household expenses and business overhead costs.

The BWS joins forces with other water utilities, government entities, and private agencies to observe Detect-A-Leak Week statewide. Local media outlets also publicize this week-long event, featuring handy tips to help homeowners check for leaks at home. During Detect-a-Leak Week, complimentary dye tablets are available at all Satellite City Halls, select retail hardware stores, and at the BWS office at 630 South Beretania Street.

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