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In April 2015, the Board of Directors of the Board of Water Supply (BWS) approved the formation of a Stakeholder Advisory Group whose purpose is to provide important feedback on the BWS Water Master Plan (WMP), proposed rate study and other important initiatives.

stakeholder advisory group january 12, 2016 | photo 1
Attendees at the BWS Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting on Tuesday, March 14, 2017.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group is one of many BWS initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to increase the consistency and transparency of our communications and public engagement.

The Stakeholder Advisory Group is helping BWS to obtain valuable feedback from respected professionals and community advocates to ensure their needs are considered as the WMP is developed. The group consists of approximately 28 highly respected local residents and community leaders with expertise in many disciplines and who have an active and ongoing interest in issues relevant to the BWS.

The group represents diverse communities, interests and geographies across Oahu. The Stakeholder Advisory Group is providing feedback related to the Water Master Plan, as well as other BWS issues, including but not limited to water conservation, customer services, field services, outreach and education, and future rate adjustments. The group functions in an advisory capacity and does not have decision-making authority. It will make recommendations to staff and the Board of Directors of the Board of Water Supply.

Stakeholder Advisory Group Meetings

The Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings are open to the public. Time for public comment is made available at each meeting, and meeting notes are prepared and made available to the public, along with meeting materials, online following each meeting.

For More Information

  • Contact the BWS Communications Office at (808) 748-5041.
  • Materials are posted online for each of the Stakeholder Advisory Group meetings.

stakeholder advisory group collage june 2017