Event Recap

Attendees Learned About Water-Saving Gardening at the 29th Annual Halawa Xeriscape Garden Open House and Unthirsty Plant Sale

HONOLULU – The Board of Water Supply (BWS) hosted the 29th Annual Halawa Xeriscape Garden Open House and Unthirsty Plant Sale today, where hundreds of attendees learned how they can conserve water outdoors through efficient landscaping, otherwise known as xeriscaping.

2017 plant sale cactus
Event-goers had the opportunity to view grand champion cacti courtesy of the Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii display.

Less-thirsty plants for sale included the Hoya, Talinum, Resnova, Stephanotis and many other drought-tolerant succulents. More than a dozen local nurseries provided a large variety of less-thirsty and native plants. Grand champion cacti were on display for the Cactus and Succulent Society of Hawaii’s show. Activities at the event included xeriscape workshops by garden experts, a social media contest, keiki activities, educational table displays, plant crafts, and a free compost giveaway. Concessions were provided by Water for People; proceeds from food sales will support safe drinking water and sanitation to third world countries.

2017 plant sale keiki activities
Keikiscapes. There were lots of activities for keiki to enjoy.
2017 plant sale
Educating Day. Attendees met experts at informational booths and workshops all day long.

Xeriscaping is based on seven fundamental principles that serve as guidelines on how to plan, plant, and maintain a garden that takes advantage of natural climate conditions to make efficient use of irrigation. Some of the principles include growing “unthirsty” plants, using mulch, and installing proper irrigation. To learn more about xeriscaping, the Halawa Xeriscape Garden, or water-saving tips, visit www.boardofwatersupply.com.

Proceeds from the plant sale help support beautification and educational activities at the Halawa Xeriscape Garden. The open house is co-sponsored by the Friends of Halawa Xeriscape Garden, a non-profit community group that supports educational programs related to water conservation in the landscape.