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Our Values

Every day, a core set of values guide the Board of Water Supply (BWS) in how we work together to accomplish our mission. The values reflect and reinforce our culture in the delivery of water service to our customers.

  • Personal Responsibility: We are water professionals who earn and uphold the community's trust every day through our actions and in doing our jobs right.
  • Team Responsibility: We depend upon and support each other and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Organizational Responsibility: We provide a healthy and safe work environment through cooperation, participation, and shared decision-making.
  • Societal Responsibility: We provide quality service to our customer with the highest level of courtesy and efficiency.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We uphold the Public Trust as thoughtful stewards of Oahu's water resources and the environment.

Public Trust: Principle embedded in Hawaii Law that recognizes that water is held in trust by the State of Hawaii for present and future generations.

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Permanent, Civil Service Employment

Recruitment for permanent, civil service City positions with the Board of Water Supply (BWS) are posted online by the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Current BWS job openings include:

City Department of Human Resources

For those who do not have access to their own personal computer, visit the DHR at:

Fasi Municipal Building
650 South King Street, 10th Floor
Honolulu, HI 96814
Hours: 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m., Monday - Friday, except holidays

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Temporary, Non-Civil Service Employment

To be considered for temporary, non-civil service employment, submit your resume electronically to bwshr@hbws.org. Please include the job title in the subject and/or body of your email to indicate the type of position(s) that you are seeking.

Customer Service Representative I - NEW!

The primary duties and responsibilities of this position are to service water customers and the general public through face-to-face and telephone contacts by performing appropriate account actions, providing information, and resolving problems. Work includes processing applications and requests to establish, discontinue and transfer services, etc.; resolving billing, collections, credit and other related account issues; and determining if service calls are necessary and create work orders as appropriate.

Environmental Management Specialist

Plans, determines and enforces the department’s water system compliance with all applicable federal and state environmental laws, rules and regulations. Investigates, determines and prepares plans and strategies to mitigate chemical, biological, and other hazards that pose  potential impacts to the department’s drinking water sources. Gathers and analyzes the necessary scientific data to identify the actions needed to mitigate the threat. Prepares environmental permit applications and monitors and enforces the department’s compliance with the permit provisions and requirements.

IT Systems Trainee

Under the direct supervision in the Database Management Section, the position assists with following functions:  Implementation of databases that are efficient, fault tolerant, cost effective, and easy to maintain and support; implementation, maintenance, and support of database security to protect unauthorized access, and database backup and recovery to maximize system availability; troubleshooting and resolution of database problems, and escalate as necessary; implementation of application systems; development of user stored procedures and functions, and implementation of job scheduling.  Performs routine monitoring of the enterprise database, and routine maintenance of database and updates as required.

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Updated: 10/16/18